Thursday, 28 May 2015

Second Day

  • What did you do today? 
    • Briefly describe your day’s activities 
      • First, we had to rotate our projects again and we had to do the steam engine on Pop-Pop Boat project. We were tasked to design a boat that is pushed by the water that comes out of a pipe from the back. First candles are used to boil the water in a boiler. The water boils into steam and the steam pushes back the water, causing the water to flow out of the pipe, pushing the boat forward. The wet metal surfaces left behind by the water are colder than the steam. The steam condenses very rapidly back into water, forming a vacuum. This allow more water to come back into the tube and the cycle repeats.
      • After doing the project, we had to present our initial project to the judges. 
  • What did you learn today? 
    • Discuss any learning points from today’s activities 
      • I learnt how condensation can cause the formation of a vacuum.
      • I learnt how the steam engine works
  • How do you feel about today’s activities? 
    • Describe how the project has affected your understanding of the discipline and how it may be applied elsewhere. Share your insights for the day 
      • I learnt that success is made of a lot of failures. I the boat project, it took us many attempts to make the boat, although we were not very successful

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